Video Transfer Video Duplication Charlotte, NC

Video Duplication & Video Transfer Services

Advanced Video & Digital Services is a preferred videographer in Charlotte, NC

Whether you need one copy or 10,000, Advanced Video & Digital Services and Productions, Inc. can fill your DVD, CD, or USB duplication needs. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the highest quality with fast turnaround. We use only top-quality materials to complete your duplication job

  • We accept any format of videotape, DVD, CD-R, or Video CD
  • Foreign tapes converted from or to any country
  • Audio tapes converted to MP3 files or CD's
  • Labeling, packaging, and fulfillment services

If you would like a quote regarding an upcoming project, please give us a call or contact us at 704-572-0388. Our staff will gladly answer your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Video Transfer Video Duplication Charlotte, NC

Film Transfer Services

Ask us about transferring your old film to DVDs or other file formats

Still haven't converted those 8mm, Super8 or 16mm movie films to DVD?

Well, gather them together and give us a call!

We will transfer them to a permanent media so you will be able to enjoy and share them for many years to come.

Before we use a state-of-the-art digital transfer system, we will clean and repair your film. Then we splice all those smaller reels into larger reels. We will make every effort to get the highest quality image for you.

If you have existing sound on your films, we will also transfer that. If not, we can add background music. Titling for your films is also an option.

AVDS will make an attractive interactive DVD with colorful case.

We have several other options. AVDS can can provide your film transfer and convert MP4 or other file formats.

Call us now or come by for a no obligation estimate on your film transfer project.

Video Transfer Video Duplication Charlotte, NC

Videotape, Photo & Slide Transfer Services

Converting your old videotapes to new files in Charlotte, NC

We also can convert any format of your aging videotapes to DVD or other file formats brackets MP4 and brackets of any other file format. This will enable you to view and enjoy your irreplaceable memories forever.

We also convert photos and 35mm slides to JPEG files and create a photo DVD or CD for you.

Need a photo slide show for a special occasion or for your business presentation? We have produced hundreds! Just contact us and let us know what your needs are.

Other Services

  • Videotapes converted to DVD and any other file format
  • Audio Cassettes converted to CD or MP3 files
  • Photos made from video or CD
  • Photos and almost any material put on video, DVD or CD
  • Music for your project or production
  • Voiceovers
  • Audio cleaning - removes unwanted noise from audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs & Videotapes
  • Audio Editing
  • Graphics, special effects, animations created for your project
  • 8MM, Super 8MM, 16MM film put on DVD (with existing sound, or we will add music)
  • Digital archiving services

Do you have video tapes that you don't want to take up space, but don't want to part with? How about other photos or records? You can take your media to Advanced Video & Digital Services in Charlotte, NC.

We'll convert your videos to files and provide digital archiving services for your:

  • Video tapes
  • Audio tapes
  • Scrapbooks
  • Documents

We'll store data on a USB or external hard drive. Your stack of tapes, scrapbooks or documents can be reduced to one little storage device. Contact us now to get a free quote on your media archiving service.

Is confidentiality a concern?

We've provided digital archiving services for businesses and individuals for years. You can trust us to handle your original media and our new digital files securely. We're committed to respecting your privacy. Plus, your files will be organized, labelled and easily accessible.

Ask about our media archiving service today to find out more about how we transfer your media.